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We are a language school with an exclusive methodology to teach children from 6 months of age up to young adults. We are waiting for your visit to show you the difference we promote through our pleasant and appropriated environment.  Our environment is designed for students in an Anglo-American atmosphere both in language and culture. 



At DICE children are respected for their individuality from the singular view point of the construction and development of their cognitive thought process.

At DICE, we deal with differences.

"Play is to the child as work is to the adult" (L.O.L)


We are a language course that works exclusively for children, since their very first "words" up to their teens. Starting from the sensory motor stage of thought (6 months old) to the formal thought (young adults). We have an authentic and revolutionary way of teaching English.


DICE means unforgettable memories from my childhood. DICE has a smart methodology and provides children with an amazing atmosphere. I hope my children will have the same opportunity that my parents gave me to attend DICE. Thank you Elo and all DICE staff!

Caetano Altafin Cunha

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