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At DICE, the student is exposed to the English language throughout the entire class. There is therefore no emphasis on isolated words. Our main goal is to help the student to develop his/her comprehension so he/she can speak spontaneously and with gradual competence in the use of English. 

The child experiences the language in context, through environments promoted for each purpose.   

All the activities which are proposed to the children are carefully tailored for each group and there is a great usage of specialized materials (imported and/ or crafted inside DICE). Some of our materials are: video, games, books, CDs, DVDs, among others

We carefully respect how children understand the world around them before we propose any pedagogical activities. 

Regarding the phonetic system of the human body, it is pliable while in maturation, being favorable for a person to acquire full proficiency with little or no accent from the native tongue; when introduced to the focus languege since the early days of ones life. It's the effect "the younger the better" for the acquisition of as many languages as possible or as necessary. 

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