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We are a language course exclusively for children, since their very first "words" up to their teens. Starting from the sensory motor stage of thought (6 months old) to formal thought (young adults). We have an authentic and revolutionary way of teaching English.

The psychogenetic theory of the Swiss epistemologist Jean Piaget is our theoretical background. Our main goal is the acquisition of a second language in a natural, spontaneous and up to date way.

The child is capable of achieving total proficiency in the English language according to the schedule in which the child is enrolled and the age he/she starts the language acquisition process; equivalent to being bilingual. 

Dice stands for "Developing, Intelligent and Creative English" The methodology has been the same since its concept was officially developed. 
Play represents one of the most important activities for good pedagogical results, since our proposal is based on development of the child's intelligence while constructing the English language during the acquisition process. 

"Play is to the child as work is to the adult." (L.O.L)

DICE is dedicated exclusively for children; from 6 months old to young adults. We welcome children with any level of proficiency at anytime during the school year. We tend to students with no knowledge of English to students who are fluent and/or native speakers who want to maintain their fluency in a pleasant and interactive environment. DICE offers:
  • Regular course, two days a week;

  • Intensive course, four days a week;

  • Extra-curriculum courses for specific abilities such as: singing, theatre and cooking; 

  • Individual classes for specific needs:

  • Preparatory courses for Cambridge University Exams: "KET", "PET", "FCE", "CAE" and "CPE" maintaining leadership in the results among the youngest children that take them with success;

  • Maintenance of the language for fluent or native speakers;

  • Special course for the visualy impaired;

  • Seasonal courses: summer / winter camp, immersion programs; 

  • Psycho – pedagogical support for the family; 

  • Child's psycho – pedagogical analyses and evaluation for specific purposes; 

  • Specific ability courses: drama, cooking and singing.

In 1981, DICE (Developing Intelligent and Creative English) was founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at first as extra classes inside schools, daycare centers, kindergartens and elementary schools.

In October 1991, the first school location was inaugurated in the Lagoa Neighbourhood, where all courses are held  along with teacher training courses and pre-services. 

We are a course that preserves and promotes creativity above all. We have extra-curricular activities designed to encourage and develop the English language.

Intensive course from Monday to Thursday;

  • 3 hour daily course;

  • Individual appointments; 

  • Exam preparation; 

  • Fluency maintenance;

  • Courses for the visually impaired; 

  • Summer / Winter camp; 

And more:​

  • Library with over 2.000 titles; 

  • Interchange program in the USA; 

  • A wide range of games in English;

  • Theater;

  • Cooking;

  • Singing.

Here is DICE English Course's trademarked history:
Transforming is part of our methodological philosophy. Children notice changes in the environment with much more accuracy than adults. 
The creation of new ideas, environments and materials help us diversify the use of the English language.
"Children first"
At DICE children are respected for their individuality from the singular view point of the construction and development of their cognitive thought process.

At DICE, we deal with differences. 

At DICE, the child is placed in a group/class according to his/her maturity level, providing the balance between their intellectual interests, needs and circumstances.

Through problem solving situations compatible with their mental level, there is an effective involvement of the child with the English language in a spontaneous gradual and useful way. 

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